Welcome to the wiki; hopefully this will go smoothly. Please bear with me while things are shaping up. I'm going to try to make it so we'll be the only one allowed to access and change / add data. If you have any issues contact me at and I'll try to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Feel free to make changes to the organzation to the wiki; it's mainly code based but it's not too hard. Just a tad confusing at first.

-To view photos at full resolution click on the photo and in the lower right hand will be an icon that displays "view photo details." You'll be directed to a new page that has a link to the full resolution.



John Hancock BuildingEdit

John Hancock Building (photos)

John Hancock Building (computer models)

John Hancock Building (physical model)

John Hancock Building (computer models)

John Hancock Building (drawings)

John Hancock Building (misc)

Group ProjectsEdit

Group 1

Group 2: Chevy Camaro

Group 3

Testing, testingEdit

Above are some divisons for the projects. I've divided the John Hancock Building into different sections to try to keep things organized. New pages can always be added. The group pages are for the seperate group projects. Let me know the group members and I'll change the groups names.

I've also blocked people from posting until they've created an account and been approved. I really don't want our page to get trolled by some loser with too much free time. Create an account and become a registed user to gain access to post items.

I'll be reading up on how to make this thing work smoothly and get it user friendly.

ps. I'm basically borrowing coding from other wikis to get this thing going. I'm hoping to keep everything simple so it doesn't conflict, but if you hit a few kinks don't panic.


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